Proceeding from ICEEP symposiums serve as definitive reference tools for equine exercice physiology researchers worldwide. Each paper in the proceedings undergoes careful screening and editorial review prior to publication to ensure scientific accuracy and relevance.

Please use the index link to determine the article and pages you are interested in, then use the proceedings file to find your article – the adobe listed page numbers correspond exactly with the proceedings page numbers allowing an easy search for specific pages.

Proceeding 1 Index


Please use the index link to determine the article and pages you are interested in, then use the proceedings file to find your article – the adobe listed page numbers correspond exactly with the proceedings page numbers allowing an easy search for specific pages.

Proceedings 2 – Index

Proceedings 2

ICEEP 3 Contents linked below


Respiratory muscle perfusion during strenuous exercise

Cardiopulmonary effects of acute blood volume alteration prior to exercise

Heart and spleen weights as a function of breed and somatotype

Electro cardiography and echocardiography measurements and their relation-ships in thoroughbred yearlings to subsequent performance

Hypoxia does not contribute to high pulmonary artery pressure in exercising

Standardized exercise test on a track to evaluate exercise capacity in different breeds of horses

Indices of performance in the racing quarter horse


Heliox-induced changes in the breathing mechanics of ponies during exercise

Alleviation of exercise-induced hypoxemia utilizing inspired 79% Hélium 20.95% oxygen

No ventilator response to CO2 in thoroughbreds galloping at 14 ms -1,
I:2 ratio of breathing to stride frequencies in a galloping horse breading 6% CO2

The effects of cessation of training on cardio respiratory variables during exercise

Effects of training intensity on maximum oxygen uptake

Effects of treadmill exercise on intrapleural, Trans diaphragmatic and intra abdominal pressures in Standard bred horses

Draught load and speed compared by sub maximal tests on a treadmill


Shock and vibration during the hoof impact on different track surfaces

Evaluation of a shock absorbing woodchip layer on a harness racetrack

Center of pressure location of the hoof with and without hoof wedges

Ground reaction force analysis of Dutch warm blood horse at canter and jumping

Velocity-dependent changes in intrinsic stride frequency and length of trotters on a treadmill

Velocity-dependent changes in intrinsic stride timing variables of quarter horse foals

Neck muscles activity in horses during locomotion with and without a rider

Stride characteristics of four Grand Prix jumping horses

Kinematic analysis of jumping sequences of Olympic show jumping horses

Hoof landing velocities in trotting horses


Lactate kinetics, plasma ammonia and performance following repeated bouts of maximal exercise

Plasma lactate kinetics during exercise

Rates of blood lactate disappearance following exercise of different intensities

Reproducibility and validity of Vla4 in standard bred pacer horses on track

Exercise -induced changes in muscle and plasma amino acid levels in the standard bred horse

The effect of monosodium glutamate infusion on time to fatigue

Changes in response to interval and high intensity training

Effects of training intensity and detraining on adaptations in different skeletal muscles

Energy profile and the locomotor pattern of trotting on an inclined treadmill

Capillary supply in relation to muscle metabolic profile and cardiocirculatory parameters

Growth changes in skeletal muscle histochemistry of thoroughbreds and other horses

Muscle carnosine content is unchanged during maximal intermittent exercise

Fibre composition and tubulin localization in muscle of thoroughbred sprinters and stayers

Ultra structural alteration in equine skeletal muscle associated with fatiguing exercise

Carnosine accounts for most of the variation in physico-chemical buffering in equine muscle


Energy use and cardio respiratory responses to prolonged sub maximal exercise

Influence of diet on substrate metabolism during exercise

Effects of daily exercise on muscle glycogen in the thoroughbred racehorse

Effect of dietary protein level on nitrogen matabolites in exercised Quarter Horses

The effect of vitamin E on membrane integrity during sub maximal exercise

Glycemic and endocrine responses to Carnes or alfalfa fed prior to exercise


Work load in the horse during vaulting competition

Multivariate analysis of exercise parameters measured during an incremental treadmill

Effects of acetazolamide on cardio respiratory and metabolic responses to sub maximal exercise

Metabolic alkalosis and exercise performance in the thoroughbred horse

Renal responses to high intensity exercise

A trial natriuretic peptide during exercise in horses

Effects of exercise on plasma concentrations of prostaglandins and thromboxane B2

Effects of exercise and metabolic alkalosis on selected plasma amino acid concentrations in thoroughbred

Heart rate haematological and serum biochemical responses to show jumping

Effect of 5 different types of exercise transportation and ACTH administration on plasma cortisol concentration in sport horses

Blood volume lactate and cortisol in exercising Arabian equitation horses


Scintigraphie appearance of dorsal metacarpal and metatarsal stress changes in racing and no racing horses

Skeletal effects of a long term sub maximal exercise programme on standard bred yearlings

Treadmill exercise intensity and its effects on cortical bone in horses with extertional rhabdomyolis

The Glyco(geno)lytic capacity of squeletal muscle in horses with extertional rhabdomyolysis

Role of electrolyte imbalances in the pathophysiology of the equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome

Treatment of left laryngeal hemiplegia using a nerve muscle pedicte graft

Clinical method for evaluation of upper airway function

Lung biopsy pathology and exercise tolerance in horses with chronic bronchiolitis

Cardio respiratory and metabolic effects of training and implications for race performance

T-waves int the equine electrocardiogram: effects of training and implications for race performance

The effect of training on adrenocortisol function in thoroughbred racehorses

Effects of ozone on exercising horses: a preliminary report

Influence of anabolic steroids on the response to training of 2 year old horses

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