ICEEP Vision

ICEEP will be the preeminent organization devoted to scientific research into the physiology, function and health of equine athletes.

ICEEP will achieve this goal by:

  • Facilitating presentation of results of high quality research at quadrennial scientific meetings.
  • Facilitating development of research consortia, collaborations and joint proposals for research.
  • Promotion of collaborative, interdisciplinary research.
  • Promotion of mentoring of post-graduate students and junior scientists
  • Facilitating dissemination of results of research to veterinarians and other professionals involved in care and treatment of athletic horses

To advance understanding of the physiology, function and health of athletic horses through the promotion of scientific research.

Our Misson


ICEEP believes that regular, public presentation of results is an essential component of the scientific process. Therefore, ICEEP will organize and oversee quadrennial scientific meetings at which results of scientific research into the physiology and health of equine athletes is presented to scientific professionals. These meetings will be designed to encourage presentation of research of the highest quality in an atmosphere that promotes rigorous, collegial discussion of the topics.

Matters of international importance to athletic horses can best be approached using consortia of researchers and other stakeholders, as was the case for the Atlanta Olympic Games. ICEEP will use its network of scientists, professional contacts and reputational advantage to promote development of research consortia, collaborations and preparation of joint submissions for funding of research. ICEEP will assist with identification of relevant research questions and strategies and will facilitate meetings of groups of individuals or research groups with the intention of furthering research collaboration. ICEEP will lobby funding bodies to support such ICEEP-facilitated, strategic and focused research.

Progress in equine exercise physiology will occur through interdisciplinary research which can best be achieved through collaborations of scientists with differing expertise. ICEEP will promote interdisciplinary research by facilitating meetings of scientists with differing and overlapping areas of expertise. The quadrennial meetings will be designed to foster interdisciplinarity and sharing of expertise.

ICEEP believes that development of scientists with expertise in equine exercise physiology and related areas is essential for the future health of the discipline. To this end, ICEEP will encourage and foster mentoring of graduate students and junior scientists by awarding prizes for this category of researchers at the quadrennial meetings and by granting access to the international ICEEP network, which may provide easy access to sources of specific expertise, but also may be of help in determining the career path of young researchers.

Results of studies of equine exercise physiology are ultimately only meaningful if they advance the health and wellbeing of equine athletes. This must be achieved by dissemination of research results to stakeholders such as practicing veterinarians, trainers, industry leaders, horse owners and competition-governing bodies such as the FEI or the Jockey Club. ICEEP will promote the organisation of conferences, seminars, publications and related events and activities to ensure that relevant and up-to-date information is disseminated to these groups in a form and format that is understandable to the specific stakeholder.

The 2026 ICEEP Conference

The International and National committees of ICEEP 12 are delighted to welcome you for what will be a fantastic opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between equine scientists, veterinarians and and other stakeholders with an interest in equine exercise physiology and a broad array of related topics. ICEEP 12 will be held in 2026.

Join us in 2026!

Our next conference will be held in 2026. Plan on joining us in Tokyo for an opportunity to develop new relationships with like minded members