The International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology (ICEEP) is held every four years to advance understanding of physiology, function and health of the performance of athletic horses.  Sites of previous ICEEPs are:

1982 Oxford, UK
1986 San Diego, USA
1990 Uppsala, Sweden
1994 Kooralbyn, Australia
1998 Utsonomiya, Japan
2002 Lexington, USA
2006 Fontainebleau, France
2010 Stellenbosch, South Africa

The 2014 ICEEP will be held in Chester, UK June 16-20th, 2014.

ICEEPs attract a minimum of 150 international delegates to each conference.  The International Committee of ICEEP is responsible for choosing the site of each quadrennial conference and for overseeing the organisation of these international conferences by selecting a committee comprised of members from the selected host country (the National Organising Committee).  The Chair of the National Organising Committee will usually be a member of the International Committee.  The International Committee is responsible for determining the conference’s scientific programme.  The National Organising Committee and International ICEEP Committee work together to finalise the site, accommodations, budget, and sponsorship of the upcoming ICEEP.  The National Organising Committee is responsible for organising the social programme and promoting the upcoming ICEEP. 

Bids from groups (professional or academic) or associations wishing to hold an ICEEP should be submitted in writing to the Chair of the International Committee a minimum of 3 months before the ICEEP preceding the conference on which the group or association is bidding.

Groups or associations submitting bids must be aware of the following criteria associated with the organisation of an ICEEP.

  1. The National Organising Committee has responsibility for all financial aspects of the Congress which include:

    Payment of fares and accommodation costs for the International Committee members to the ICEEP.  When travelling by air, members’ tickets will be purchased in economy class.

    Payment of fares and accommodation costs for the invited keynote speakers

    ICEEP is a registered non-profit organisation with limited financial resources.  In some instances it may be possible for the International Committee to provide the National Organising Committee with a monetary advance in order to begin to organise the Conference, with the understanding that these funds and any profits will be returned to the International Committee at the conclusion of the Conference.

    The National Committee may, in consultation with the International Committee, consider organising a mid-term meeting in 2016.

  2. Early in the planning stages of each ICEEP, an internet web site must be established for the Conference, and maintenance of this internet web site is the responsibility of the National Organising Committee. The website should be available a minimum of 18 months before the Conference and the content decided upon jointly by the International and National Committees.  Primary communication of information about the Conference will be disseminated electronically via mailing lists and the world-wide web.
  1. There will be a call for abstracts not less than 18 months before the Conference and the format for abstract preparation will be determined by the International Committee. The abstracts will be accepted exclusively in electronic format. The closure date for abstract submission will be determined for each but not less than 9 months before the Congress date and a decision on acceptance of abstracts will be made a minimum of 6 months before the Congress. The selection of abstracts will be overseen by the International Committee, with possible participation of a subcommittee of the National Organising Committee, if agreed upon prior to the call for abstracts. It is the responsibility of the International Committee to inform successful and unsuccessful applicants of the outcome of their submitted abstracts.
  1. Following abstract acceptances, a final programme of oral and poster communications (if it has been agreed that the latter are to be part of the programme) will be developed by the National and International Committees, or their designated subcommittees. The final programme will be advertised on the web site and veterinarians informed internationally by electronic mailing lists.


Groups considering submitting a bid are encouraged to communicate with the Chair of the International Committee before preparing their bid. The Chair can assist by providing estimates of costings of previous ICEEP and other background information. Bids to hold an ICEEP should be submitted in writing to the chair of the International Committee and should include as much information as possible about the proposed site for the conference, including meeting amenities and accommodations; social programmes; ease of local and international travel to and from the venue; anticipated costs and a draft budget; the likely size of the national audience; the potential market for a lay satellite conference to help generate revenue to support the conduct of ICEEP; possible dates (ICEEP has traditionally been held between August and the end of November); and the potential for nationally-based financial support.