ICEEP 2018


Major Sponsor
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Laureate Sponsors
Kentucky Equine Research is an international
equine nutrition, research, and consultation
company serving horse owners and the feed industry.

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The WALTHAM Centre for Pet and Equine
Nutrition has been advancing research into
the nutrition and health of pets and horses
for over 50 years.

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Platinum Plus Sponsors
Logemas is Australia's #1 motion
capture integrator and life
sciences equipment provider
across Australia and New

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The use of Etrakka to provide
heart and speed information to
monitor equine fitness has never
been so easy.

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Randlab is a proud and
passionate supporter of the
equine industry worldwide in the
form of providing new, innovative
and cost effective veterinary
medicines for equine
veterinarians and horse owners.

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Flexineb Equine and Small Animal Nebulisation
devices represents a huge innovative step in
administering treatment to the upper and lower
respiratory tract.

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Arioneo is a French company specializing
in the development and distribution of
solutions for the Equine world to provide
accurate insight and analysis into
performance and health for all horses.

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REM SYSTEMS is a specialised medical equipment
distribution company supplying hospitals, health
clinics, medical practices and veterinary clinics
throughout Australia.

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"Equissage® products are the safest most
versatile way to keep your horse in peak
physical condition."

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Platinum Sponsors
SÄTO Sweden delivered the first
treadmill in 1982 and now
delivers machines worldwide.

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Austvet Endoscopy specialises in the widest
range of new and reconditioned rigid and
flexible endoscopy equipment and instruments
for equine applications.

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Other Sponsors
Horse racing is one of the most popular sports with
over 170 years of history in Hong Kong, attracting
citizens and tourists alike every race day!

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The Japanese Racing Equine Research institute
was founded to conduct research on how to
preserve good health and prevent disorders
for a racehorse.

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