Scientific Programme


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SUNDAY 7th November


DAY 1 Monday Start End Duration
Intro 08:00 08:10 00:10 Welcome Dr David Marlin
Plenary 1 08:10 08:55 00:45 Plenary 1 Prof Tim Noakes
Plenary 2 08:55 09:40 00:45 Plenary 2 Prof Alan Guthrie
Obituary 09:40 09:50 00:10 Remembering the contribution of Prof Sune Persson to equine exercise physiology Birgitta Essen Gustavsson
Coffee 09:50 10:20 00:30
Resp Review 10:20 11:05 00:45 Respiratory responses of horses to exercise – in health and disease E. Van Erck, S. Franklin and W. Bayly
Resp oral 1 11:05 11:20 00:15 Risk factors for exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage in Thoroughbred racehorses k. w. hinchcliff, p. s. morley, m. a. jackson, j. a. brown, a. f. dredge, p. a. o’callaghan, j. p. mccaffrey, r. f. slocombe and a. f. Clarke
Resp oral 2 11:20 11:35 00:15 Experimental mild pulmonary inflammation promotes the development of exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage s. a. mckane and r. f. slocombe
Resp oral 3 11:35 11:50 00:15 Physiological measurements and prevalence of lower airway diseases in trotters with dorsal displacement of the soft palate a. courouce-malblanc, v. deniau, f. rossignol, r. corde, c. leleu, k. maillard, p.-h. pitel, s. pronost and g. Fortier
Resp oral 4 11:50 12:05 00:15 Evaluation of a mask for breath-by-breath respirometry during exercise in horses a. ramseyer, r. sides, b. slinker, d. evans and w. bayly
Resp oral 5 12:05 12:20 00:15 Effects of intravenous aminocaproic acid on exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) b. m. buchholz, a. murdock, w. m. bayly and r. h. sides
Resp oral 6 12:20 12:35 00:15 Assessment of the exercise tests used during overground endoscopy in UK thoroughbred racehorses and how these may affect the diagnosis of dynamic upper respiratory tract obstructions. k.allen. s.franklin
Resp poster 1 12:35 12:40 00:05 Comparative ergorespirometric adaptations to a treadmill exercise test in untrained show Andalusian and Arabian Horses a. munoz, c. castejon-riber, p. trigo, c. riber, r. Santisteban and f. castejon
Lunch 12:40 13:40 01:00
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm Review 13:40 14:10 00:30 Review: A review of biochemistry in exercise Erica McKenzie
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 1 14:10 14:25 00:15 Effects of prior exercise on insulin-mediated and noninsulin-mediated glucose uptake in horses during a hyperglycaemic clamp r. j. geor, l. stewart-hunt and l. j. mccutcheon
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 2 14:25 14:40 00:15 Assessment of glucose disposal with the hyperglycaemic clamp technique during low intensity exercise in Warmblood horses a. kemmink, c. m. westermann and j. h. van der kolk
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 3 14:40 14:55 00:15 Changes in arterial, mixed venous and intraerythrocytic ion concentrations during prolonged exercise n. d. meyer, w. m. bayly, r. h. sides, k. j. wardrop and b. k. slinker
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 4 14:55 15:10 00:15 Acid-base imbalances during a 120 km endurance race compared by traditional and simplified strong ion difference methods j. viu, e. jose-cunilleras, l. armengou, c. cesarini, i. tarancón, j. rios and l. monreal
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 5 15:10 15:25 00:15 Use of biochemical parameters to predict metabolic elimination in endurance rides p. trigo, f. castejon, c. riber and a. muñoz
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 6 15:25 15:40 00:15 Morphological, haemato-biochemical and endocrine changes in young Standardbreds with ‘maladaptation’ to early training c. leleu and f. haentjens
Coffee 15:40 16:10 00:30
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 7 16:10 16:25 00:15 Neuroendocrine and non-neuroendocrine markers of inflammation associated with performance in endurance horses t. c. holbrook, d. mcfarlane and h. c. schott ii
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 8 16:25 16:40 00:15 Dehydration, electrolyte imbalances and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-vasopressin axis in successful and unsuccessful endurance horses a. muñoz, c. riber, p. trigo, c. castejón-riber and f. m. castejón
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 9 16:40 16:55 00:15 Effects of short-term training on thermoregulatory and sweat responses during exercise in hot conditions l. j. mccutcheon and r. j. geor
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 10 16:55 17:10 00:15 Effects of collecting blood into plastic heparinised vacutainer tubes and storage conditions on blood gas analysis values in horses p. g. noël, l. couëtil and p. d. constable
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm oral 11 17:10 17:25 00:15 Validation and comparison of two methods of measuring lactate in equine plasma p. butudom, j. h. foreman, k. h. kline and e. l. whittem
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 1 17:25 17:30 00:05 Nutrient intake during an elite level three-day event competition is correlated to inflammatory markers and antioxidant status c. a. williams and a. o. burk
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 2 17:30 17:35 00:05 Expression of lactate transporters MCT1, MCT2 and CD147 in the red blood cells of three horse breeds: Finnhorse, Standardbr>ed and Thoroughbred a. k. mykkänen, a. r. pösö, c. m. mcgowan and s. a. mckane
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 3 17:35 17:40 00:05 Metabolic changes in four beat gaited horses after field marcha simulation e. k. wanderley, h. c. manso filho, h. e. c. c. c. manso, t. a. santiago and k. h. mckeever
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 4 17:40 17:45 00:05 Effects of fence height on total and free iodothyronine changes in horses after experimental show jumping sessions a. ferlazzo, p. medica, c. cravana and e. fazio
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 5 17:45 17:50 00:05 Effects of competitive and noncompetitive showjumping on total and free iodothyronines, β-endorphin, ACTH and cortisol levels of horses c. cravana, p. medica, m. prestopino, e. fazio and a. ferlazzo
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 6 17:50 17:55 00:05 The workload and plasma ion concentration in a training match session of high-goal (elite) polo ponies g. c. ferraz, o. a. b. soares, n. s. b. foz, m. p. carvalho and a. queiroz-neto
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 7 17:55 18:00 00:05 Hydration and electrolyte balance in horses during an endurance season c. robert, a.-g. goachet, a. fraipont, d.-m. votion, e. van erck and j.-l. leclerc
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 8 18:00 18:05 00:05 Circulating angiotensin converting enzyme in endurance horses: Effect of exercise on blood levels and its valuein predicting performance m. f. de mello costa, g. a. anderson, h. m. davies, c. m. el-hage and r. f. slocombe
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 9 18:05 18:10 00:05 Alterations in clinical laboratory variables of horses competing in long distance endurance rides in a tropical climate a. queiroz-neto, a.teixeira-neto, g. ferraz, t. salles-gomes, a. moscardini, g. balsamao, e. lima, r. godoy
Bio, Haem, Endo, Therm poster 10 18:10 18:15 00:05 Cortisol and haematochemical variables of horses during a two day trekking event: effects of preliminary transport p. medica, e. giacoppo, e. fazio, f. aveni, r. pellizzotto and a. ferlazzo
Nutrition Review 08:30 09:15 00:45 Nutrition Review r. geor and a. jansson
Nutrition Oral 1 09:15 09:30 00:15 Plasma aldosterone concentration and cardiovascular response to low sodium intake in horses in training a. jansson, a. johannisson and c. kvart
Nutrition Oral 2 09:30 09:45 00:15 Effects of crude protein intake from forage-only diets on muscle amino acids and glycogen levels in horses in training b. essén-gustavsson, m. connysson and a. jansson
Nutrition Oral 3 09:45 10:00 00:15 Nutrition-associated problems facing elite level three-day eventing horses e. r. leahy, a. o. burk, e. a. greene and c. a. williams
Nutrition Oral 4 10:00 10:15 00:15 Dietary energy source and physical conditioning affect insulin sensitivity and skeletal muscle glucose metabolism in horses l. stewart-hunt, s. pratt-phillips, l. j. mccutcheon and r. j. geor
Nutrition Oral 5 10:15 10:30 00:15 Single-injection glucose kinetics with compartmental modelling during rest and low-intensity exercise in horses k. h. treiber, r. c. boston, r. j. geor, t. m. hess, p. a. harris and d. s. kronfeld
Coffee 10:30 11:00 00:30
Nutrition Oral 6 11:00 11:15 00:15 Effect of fitness on glucose, insulin and cortisol responses to diets varying in starch and fat content in Thoroughbred horses with recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis c. j. finno, e. mckenzie, s. j. valberg and j. pagan
Nutrition Oral 7 11:15 11:30 00:15 Effects of leucine or whey protein addition to an oral glucose solution on serum insulin, plasma glucose and plasma amino acid responses in horses at rest and following exercise k. l. urschel, r. j. geor, h l. waterfall, a. k. shoveller and l. j. mccutcheon
Nutrition Oral 8 11:30 11:45 00:15 Oxidative stress and antioxidant status in intensely exercising horses administered nutraceutical extracts d. n. smarsh, n. liburt, j. streltsova, k. mckeever and c. a. williams
Nutrition Poster 1 11:45 11:50 00:05 Long-term effects of endurance training on total tract apparent digestibility, total mean retention time and faecal microbial ecosystem in competing Arabian horses a.-g. goachet, m. varloud, c. philippeau and v. julliand
Nutrition Poster 2 11:50 11:55 00:05 The effect of feeding time on various plasma constituents in Thoroughbreds during intense exercise a. matsui, h. ohmura, k. mukai, t. takahashi, a. hiraga, y. asai, t. sugino, r. geor and p. harris
Nutrition Poster 3 11:55 12:00 00:05 Oral supplementation with superoxide dismutase in Standardbred trotters in training: a double-blind placebo-controlled study c. notin, l. vallon, f. desbordes and c. leleu
Nutrition Poster 4 12:00 12:05 00:05 Sweat composition in Arabian horses performing endurance exercise on forage-based, low Na rations h. s. spooner, b. d. nielsen, h. c. schott ii and p. a. harris
Nutrition Poster 5 12:05 12:10 00:05 Effects of feed deprivation on standardbred horses fed a forage-only diet and a 50:50 forage-oats diet m. connysson, b. essén-gustavsson, j. e., lindberg and a. jansson
Lunch 12:05 13:15 01:10
Biomechanics Review 13:15 14:00 00:45 Review: Development of a structural and functional understanding of the equine back r. van weeren, c. mcgowan and k. haussler
Biomechanics Oral 1 14:00 14:15 00:15 Inertial sensors for assessment of back movement in horses during locomotion over ground s. m. warner, t. o. koch and t. pfau
Biomechanics Oral 2 14:15 14:30 00:15 Quantification of equine sacral and iliac motion during gait: A comparison between motion capture with skin-mounted and b>one-fixated sensors l. goff, p. r. van weeren, l. jeffcott, p. condie and c. mcgowan
Biomechanics Oral 3 14:30 14:45 00:15 A preliminary model study of the equine back including activity of longissimus dorsi muscle m. groesel, r. r. zsoldos, a. kotschwar, m. gfoehler and c. peham
Biomechanics Oral 4 14:45 15:00 00:15 The effect of ex vivo flexion and extension on intervertebral foramina dimensions in the equine cervical spine j. sleutjens, g. voorhout, j. h. van der kolk, i. d. wijnberg and w. back
Biomechanics Oral 5 15:00 15:15 00:15 A preliminary modelling study on the equine cervical spine with inverse kinematics at walk r. r. zsoldos, m. groesel, a. kotschwar, a. b. kotschwar, t. licka and c. peham
Coffee 15:15 15:45 00:30
Biomechanics Oral 6 15:45 16:00 00:15 Activity of the equine rectus abdominis and oblique external abdominal muscles measured by surface EMG during walk and trot on the treadmill r. r. zsoldos, a. kotschwar, a. b. kotschwar, c. p. rodriguez, c. peham and t. licka
Biomechanics Oral 7 16:00 16:15 00:15 The effect of treadmill speed and gradient on equine hindlimb muscle activity t. c. crook, a. wilson and e. hodson-tole
Biomechanics Oral 8 16:15 16:30 00:15 The role of tendon stiffness in development of equine locomotion with age p. r. addis and s. e. m. lawson
Biomechanics Oral 9 16:30 16:45 00:15 Mechanical properties of the equine superficial digital flexor tendon relate to specific collagen cross-link levels c. t. thorpe, r. j. f. stark, a. e. goodship and h. l. birch
Biomechanics Oral 10 16:45 17:00 00:15 Influence of shoes with different weights on the motion of the limbs in Icelandic horses during toelt at different speeds b. rumpler, a. riha, t. licka, a. kotschwar and c. peham
Biomechanics Oral 11 17:00 17:15 00:15 Heel effects on joint contact force components in the equine digit: a sensitivity analysis p. noble, j.-p. lejeune, i. caudron, p. lejeune, b. collin, j.-m. denoix and d. serteyn
Biomechanics Oral 12 17:15 17:30 00:15 Kinematic characteristics of hoof landing in jumping horses at elite level e. hernlund, a. egenvall and l. roepstorff
Biomechanics Oral 13 17:30 17:45 00:15 Ground reaction force and kinematic analysis of limb loading on two different beach sand tracks in harness trotters n. crevier-denoix, d. robin, p. pourcelot, s. falala, l. holden, p. estoup, l. desquilbet, j.-m. denoix and h. Chateau
Biomechanics Oral 13 09:00 09:15 00:15 Variation in frontal plane joint angles in horses v. e. unt, j. evans, s. r. reed, t. pfau and r. weller
Biomechanics Oral 14 09:15 09:30 00:15 Velocity-dependent changes of time, force and spatial parameters in Warmblood horses walking and trotting on a treadmill m. a. weishaupt, h. p. hogg, j. a. auer and t. wiestner
Biomechanics Oral 15 09:30 09:45 00:15 Preliminary report into the function of the shoulder using a novel imaging and motion capture approach s. e. m. lawson and d. j. marlin
Biomechanics Oral 16 09:45 10:00 00:15 An investigation to measure hoof slip of the leading limb on jump landing over two different equine arena surfaces o. orlande, s. hobbs, a. northrop and a. owen
Biomechanics Oral 17 10:00 10:15 00:15 Metacarpal geometry changes during Thoroughbred race training are compatible with sagittal-plane cantilever bending j. s. merritt and h. m. s. davies
Coffee 10:15 10:45 00:30
Biomechanics Poster 1 10:45 10:50 00:05 Evaluation of the motion pattern of the horse at lunging M. Rhodin, L. Roepstroff, K. Roethlsberger-Holm, A. French, K. Keegan, A. Egenvall
Biomechanics Poster 2 10:50 10:55 00:05 The difference in kinematics of horses walking, trotting and cantering on a flat and banked 10 m circle s. Hobbs, T. Licka and R. Polman
Biomechanics Poster 3 10:55 11:00 00:05 Heel movement in horses: Comparison between glued and nailed horse shoes at different speeds e. yoshihara, t. takahashi, n. otsuka, t. isayama, t. tomiyama, a. hiraga and s. wada
Biomechanics Poster 4 11:00 11:05 00:05 Biomechanical analysis of hoof landing and stride parameters in harness trotter horses running on different tracks of a sand beach (from wet to dry) and on an asphalt road h. chateau, l. holden, d. robin, s. falala, p. pourcelot, p. estoup, j.-m. denoix and n. crevier-denoix
Biomechanics Poster 6 11:05 11:10 00:05 Use of an implantable transducer to measure force in the superficial digital flexor tendon in horses at walk, trot and canter on a treadmill t. takahashi, e. yoshihara, k. mukai, h. ohmura and a. hiraga
Biomechanics Poster 7 11:10 11:15 00:05 Electromyography activity of the equine splenius muscle and neck kinematics during walk and trot on the treadmill r. r. zsoldos, a. b. kotschwar, a. kotschwar, m. groesel, t. licka and c. peham
Biomechanics Poster 8 11:15 11:20 00:05 A pilot study on objective quantification and anatomical modelling of in vivo head and neck positions commonly applied in training and competition of sport horses a. e. elgersma, i. d. wijnberg, j. sleutjens, j. h. van der kolk, p. r. van weeren and w. back
Biomechanics Poster 9 11:20 11:25 00:05 Comparison of kinematic symmetry index calculations and the effects of straight and circular trotting a. m. walker, a. m. wilson and t. pfau
Biomechanics Poster 10 11:25 11:30 00:05 Agreement between accelerometric symmetry scores and clinical lameness scores during experimentally induced transient distension of the metacarpophalangeal joint in horses m. h. thomsen, a. b. persson, a. t. jensen, h. sørensen and p. h. andersen
Biomechanics Poster 11 11:30 11:35 00:05 Stride frequency and stride length in horses performing treadmill endurance exercise H. Schott, L. Groppi and H. Clayton
Biomechanics Poster 12 11:35 11:40 00:05 Influence of girth strap placement and panel flocking material on the saddle pressure pattern during riding of horses a. byström, a. stalfelt, a. egenvall, k. von peinen, k. morgan and l. roepstorff
Lunch 11:40 12:40 01:00
Cardiovascular Review 12:40 13:25 00:45 Cardiovascular Review K. McKeever and R. Buhl
Cardiovascular Oral 1 13:25 13:40 00:15 Observer agreement for detection of cardiac arrhythmias on telemetric ECG recordings obtained at rest, during and after exercise in 10 Warmblood horses d. s. trachsel, c. bitschnau, n. waldern, m. a. weishaupt and c. c. schwarzwald
Cardiovascular Oral 2 13:40 13:55 00:15 Prevalence of exercise-associated arrhythmias in normal performing dressage horses l. barbesgaard, r. buhl and c. meldgaard
Cardiovascular Oral 3 13:55 14:10 00:15 Cardiac arrhythmias in clinically healthy showjumping horses r. buhl, c. meldgaard and l. barbesgaard
Cardiovascular Oral 4 14:10 14:25 00:15 Age related decreases in thermoregulation and cardiovascular function in horses k. h. mckeever, t. l. eaton, s. geiser, c. f. kearns and r. a. lehnhard
Cardiovascular Oral 5 14:25 14:40 00:15 Altered systolic left ventricular function in horses completing a long distance endurance race h. amory, d.-m. votion, a. fraipont, a. g. goachet, c. robert, f. farnir and e. van erck
Coffee 14:40 15:10 00:30
Applied Physiology Review 15:10 15:55 00:45 Applied Exercise Physiology Review D. Hodgson and J. Foreman
Applied Physiology Oral 1 15:55 16:10 00:15 Oxygen consumption and gait variables of Arabian endurance horses measured during a field exercise test f. cottin, n. metayer, a. g. goachet, v. julliand, j. slawinski, v. billat and e. barrey
Applied Physiology Oral 2 16:10 16:25 00:15 A pilot study on factors influencing the career of Dutch sport horses m. m. sloet van oldruitenborgh-oosterbaan, w. genzel and p. r. van weeren
Applied Physiology Oral 3 16:25 16:40 00:15 Effects of chronic acetazolamide administration on gas exchange and acid-base control in pulmonary circulation in exercising horses m. vengust, h. stämpfli, a. n. de moraes, f. teixeiro-neto, l. viel, and g. heigenhauser
Break 16:40 16:55 00:15
Applied Physiology Oral 4 16:55 17:10 00:15 The association of various speed indices to training responses in Thoroughbred flat racehorses measured with a global positioning and heart rate monitoring system r. g. fonseca, d. a. kenny, e. w. hill and l. m. katz
Applied Physiology Oral 5 17:10 17:25 00:15 The incidence and severity of gastric ulceration does not increase in overtrained Standardbred horses e. de graaf-roelfsema, h. a. keizer, i. d. wijnberg and j. h. van der kolk
Applied Physiology Oral 6 17:25 17:40 00:15 Comparison of net anaerobic energy utilisation estimated by plasma lactate accumulation rate and accumulated oxygen deficit in Thoroughbred horses h. ohmura, k. mukai, t. takahashi, a. matsui, a. hiraga and j. h. jones
Applied Physiology Oral 7 17:40 17:55 00:15 Investigation of the incidence and type of injuries associated with high-speed treadmill exercise testing s. h. franklin, s. z. barakzai, a. couroucé-malblanc, p. dixon, k. j. nankervis, j. d. perkins, c. a. roberts, e.vanerck-westergren and k. j. allen
Applied Physiology Oral 8 17:55 18:10 00:15 Effect of intensive exercise on plasmatic neutrophil elastase level in eventing and endurance horses j. p. lejeune, c. sandersen, d. votion, i. caudron, l. vander heyden, t. franck, j. ceusters, a. mouithys-mickalad, a. niesten, g. de la rebière de pouyade and d. serteyn
Applied Physiology Poster 1 18:10 18:15 00:05 Endurance veterinarians detect physiologically compromised horses in a 160 km ride a. barnes, j. kingston, s. beetson and c. kuiper
Applied Physiology Poster 2 18:15 18:20 00:05 Performance parameters and post exercise heart rate recovery in Warmblood sports horses of different performance levels c. bitschnau, t. wiestner, d. s. trachsel, j. a. auer and m. a. weishaupt
Applied Physiology Poster 3 18:20 18:25 00:05 Effects of three warm-up regimens of equal distance on VO2 kinetics during supramaximal exercise in Thoroughbred horses k. mukai, a. hiraga, t. takahashi, h. ohmura and j. h. jones
Applied Physiology Poster 4 18:25 18:30 00:05 Effect of head and neck position on heart rate variability during different velocities using linear and non-linear analysis e. smiet, j. sleutjens, i.d. wijnberg, w. back, e. van breda, g.h. van der kolk
Muscle Review 08:30 09:15 00:45 Muscle Review B. Essen Gustavsson
Muscle Oral 1 09:15 09:30 00:15 Effects of training on equine muscle fibres and monocarboxylate transporters in young Coldblooded Trotters t. revold, a. k. mykkänen, k. karlström, c. f. ihler, a. r. pösö and b. essén-gustavsson
Muscle Oral 2 09:30 09:45 00:15 Muscular microRNA expressions in healthy and myopathic horses suffering from polysaccharide storage myopathy or recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis e. barrey, b. bonnamy, e. j. barrey, x. mata, s. chaffaux and g. guerin
Muscle Oral 3 09:45 10:00 00:15 Specific immuno-extraction followed by enzymatic detection (SIEFED) of myeloperoxidase and mitochondrial complex I in muscular microbiopsies: preliminary results in endurance horses t. franck, d.-m. votion, j. ceusters, g. de la rebière de pouyade, a. mouithys-mickalad, a. niesten, a. fraipont, e. van erck, a. g. goachet, c. robert and d. serteyn
Muscle Oral 4 10:00 10:15 00:15 Exercise-induced increases in inflammatory cytokines in muscle and blood of horses n. r. liburt, a. a. adams, a. betancourt, d. w. horohov and k. h. mckeever
Muscle Oral 5 10:15 10:30 00:15 Alterations in mitochondrial respiratory function in response to endurance training and endurance racing d.-m. votion, a. fraipont, a. g. goachet, c. robert, e. van erck, h. amory, j. ceusters, g. de la rebière de pouyade, t. franck, a. mouithys-mickalad, a. niesten and d. serteyn
Muscle Oral 6 10:30 10:45 00:15 Effect of a 120 km endurance race on plasma and muscular neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase concentrations in horses d. serteyn, c. sandersen, j.-p. lejeune, g. de la rebière de pouyade, j. ceusters, a. mouithys-mickalad, a. niesten, a. fraipont, e. van erck, a. g. goachet, c. robert, j. l. leclerc, d.-m. votion and t. Franck
Coffee 10:45 11:15 00:30
Muscle Poster 1 11:15 11:20 00:05 Effect of head and neck position on outcome of quantitative neuromuscular diagnostic techniques in Warmblood riding horses directly following moderate exercise i. d. wijnberg, j. sleutjens, j. h. van der kolk and w. back
Muscle Poster 2 11:20 11:25 00:05 Relationships between myonuclear domain size and fibre properties in the muscles of Thoroughbred horses m. kawai, a. kuwano, a. hiraga and h. miyata
Muscle Poster 3 11:25 11:30 00:05 MCT1, MCT4 and CD147 gene polymorphisms in horses with recurrent rhabdomylolysis syndrome a. Mykkanen, m. Reeben, n. Koho and a.Poso
Genetics Review 11:30 12:15 00:45 Review: Genetics and genomics in equine exercise physiology: an overview of the new applications of molecular biology as positive and negative markers of performance and health E.Barrey
Lunch 12:15 13:15 01:00
Special Topics Genetics Oral 1 13:15 13:30 00:15 Association of sequence variants in CKM (creatine kinase, muscle) and COX4I2 (cytochrome c oxidase, subunit 4, isoform 2) genes with racing performance in Thoroughbred horses j. gu, d. e. machugh, b. a. mcgivney, s. d. e. park, l. m. katz and e. w. hill
Special Topics Genetics Oral 2 13:30 13:45 00:15 Moderate and high intensity sprint exercise induce differential responses in COX4I2 and PDK4 gene expression in Thoroughbred horse skeletal muscle e. w. hill, s. s. eivers, b. a. mcgivney, r. g. fonseca, j. gu, n. a. smith, j. a. browne, d. e. machugh and l. m. katz
Special Topics Drugs Oral 1 13:45 14:00 00:15 The effect of sildenafil citrate administration on selected physiological parameters of exercising Thoroughbred horses p. t. colahan, c. a. jackson, b. rice, n. szabo and j. h. jones
Special Topics Drugs Oral 2 14:00 14:15 00:15 Effects of flunixin on cardio respiratory, plasma lactate and stride length responses to intense treadmill exercise in Standardbred trotters p. kallings, s. g. b. persson and b. essén-gustavsson
Special Topics Drugs Poster 1 14:15 14:20 00:05 Efficacy of single-dose intravenous phenylbutazone and flunixin meglumine before, during and after exercise in an experimental reversible model of foot lameness in horses j. h. foreman, t. l. grubb, o. j. inoue, s. e. banner and k. t. ball
Special Topics Drugs Poster 2 14:20 14:25 00:05 Factors contributing to plasma TCO2 and acid-base state in Ontario Standardbred racehorses a. p. waller, w. pearson and m. i. lindinger
Special Topics Drugs Poster 3 14:25 14:30 00:05 Effect of feed restriction on plasma dantrolene concentrations in horses e. c. mckenzie, r. l. garrett, m. e. payton, j. h. riehl, a. m. firshman and s. j. valberg
Special Topics New Technology Oral 1 14:30 14:45 00:15 Distances travelled by feral horses in ‘outback’ Australia b. a. hampson, m. a. de laat, p. c. mills and c. c. pollitt
Special Topics Equitation Oral 1 15:00 15:15 00:15 Saddle pressure patterns of three different training saddles (normal tree, flexible tree, treeless) in Thoroughbred racehorses at trot and gallop s. n. latif, k. von peinen, t. wiestner, c. bitschnau, b. renk and m. a. weishaupt
Special Topics Equitation Poster 1 15:15 15:20 00:05 Elimination from elite endurance rides in nine countries: A preliminary study a. nagy, j. k. murray and s. dyson
Special Topics Equitation Poster 2 15:20 15:25 00:05 Saddle and leg forces during lateral movements in dressage p. de cocq, m. mooren, a. dortmans, p. r. van weeren, m. timmerman, m. muller and j. l. van leeuwen
Special Topics Equitation Poster 3 15:25 15:30 00:05 Relationship between saddle pressure measurements and clinical signs of saddle soreness at the withers k. von peinen, t. wiestner, b. von rechenberg and m. a. weishaupt
Coffee 15:30 16:00 00:30
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Oral 1 16:00 16:15 00:15 Osseous spinal pathology and epaxial muscle ultrasonography in Thoroughbred racehorses n. c. stubbs, c. m. riggs, p. w. hodges, l. b. jeffcott, d. r. hodgson, h. m. clayton and c. m. mcgowan
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Oral 2 16:15 16:30 00:15 Dynamic mobilisations in cervical flexion: Effects on intervertebral angulations h. m. clayton, l. j. kaiser, m. lavagnino and n. c. stubbs
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Oral 3 16:30 16:45 00:15 Evaluation of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on fibre characteristics and oxidative capacity in equine skeletal muscles a. bergh, h. nordlöf and b. essén-gustavsson
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Oral 4 16:45 17:00 00:15 The relationship between massage to the equine caudal hindlimb muscles and hindlimb protraction c. hill and t. crook
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Oral 5 17:00 17:15 00:15 The relationship between equine hind limb lameness and altered epaxial muscle tone v. Spalding and t. Crook
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Poster 1 17:15 17:20 00:05 Differences in the metabolic properties of gluteus medius and superficial digital flexor muscles and the effect of water treadmill training in the horse l. a. borgia, s. j. valberg and b. essen-gustavsson
Special Topics Physio/Rehab Poster 2 17:20 17:25 00:05 Physiological effects of massage and deep oscillation® on the horse L.Hopegood
Special Topics Training Oral 1 14:45 15:00 00:15 The effect of exercise regimens on racing performance in National Hunt racehorses E. R. Ely, J. S. Price, R. K. Smith, J. L. N. Wood and K. L. P. Verheyen
  Each scientific subject session will begin with a review of the subject area by subject specialists invited by the International Committee and then a combination of oral and poster (oral) presentations. Posters will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference.