Conference hotels and how to get to Uppsala

ICEEP has chosen Radisson Blue and Park Inn (both on the same street) as official ICEEP hotels, and conference buses, including an Uppsala guide, will leave from the hotels every morning. The hotels are close to Uppsala’s bus and railway station and easily accessible from Arlanda Airport. Trains and buses run frequently (every 15 minutes) directly from Arlanda airport to the bus and railway station. The trip takes only 20 minutes by train and about 40 minutes by bus. Cost for a bus transfer is about 10 Euro per person and train transfer about 20 Euro. You can also take a taxi straight from the airport to Uppsala for approximately 50 Euro.

The city centre of Uppsala.

Summer in Sweden
Summer days are long and light in Sweden. In the northern reaches, the sky darkens briefly to twilight, then lightens again. There is something alluring about an evening that knows no darkness. It’s hard to imagine a better time for a party, and for Swedes the midsummer festivity is the most important celebration of the year. The local committee will ensure that you can enjoy the light midsummer nights and receive a true experience of the Swedish midsummer celebration.

The shadow of a Swedish midsummer pole. Come to see one for real and experience Swedish midsummer traditions! (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)